The Holy Trinity of Monetisation

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The term The Holy Trinity of Monetisation struck me when I was writing Monetisation 101. I had never read it and I’ll admit I even googled it just in case someone had coined it before. All performance dashboards that I maintain have a line graph with the three parts of this trinity:

  • ARPU aka Average Revenue per User
  • ARPPU aka Average Revenue per Paying User
  • Conversion Rate

These are the three most important KPIs of monetisation of freemium games because… they are free.

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Monetisation 101

My grandmother told me that great men have their faces on bills. Observing the picture above I believe it’s fair to say she raised me well! Or that I asked Pedro to put my face in it. You’ll be the judge of that.

On to more relevant matters…

Monetisation is the end result of our analytical journey, The Player Lifecycle. I’m a firm defender that retention is king and engagement the successor to the crown. After all without players that stay and love our games there won’t be anyone to monetise. But not admitting that the end goal in freemium games as a product or service is monetisation is to be naive.

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Presenting On Games n’ Data

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I almost always answer “I make games, mobile games.” I am a Game Developer first and foremost. That is my social answer. It is easy to understand and people relate to it. Formally I am a Game Analyst, more specifically I am Miniclip’s Game Analytics Lead. I’m proud of both forms, I admit. I am both.

I write this blog as a decades old video game player and game developer but also as a game analyst. I’ll write about what I look at in data but also when, why and how I look at it. I’ll write about the games that I play and love. I’ll write about statistics, data science, stuff that I (over) think about, books I read, team management and of course, the occasional rant… after all, what’s a blog without some ranting?

To give me a hand, I asked my longtime friend Pedro Alves to help me out. All the brilliant illustrations in this blog are his.

To know a little bit more about us and the rationale behind the blog check the About and Authors pages.