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If you are here it’s because you want to know us a little bit better…

My name is Ricardo Vladimiro, I’m the guy on the left. I’m married and I have a lovely daughter and a very small dog. I work at Miniclip since 2012 and before that I co-owned a small game development company called Vortix Games Studios for almost 6 years. I have an IT engineering background but that was a long time ago! I have a severe (but fun!) hobby hoarding compulsion. Poker, martial arts, music, aquariums, magic and many more over the years.

On the right is my friend Pedro.

When someone asks him what he does for a living, he almost always answers “I make doodles”. For most people he’s selling himself short, or devaluating himself as an artist, but it’s exactly what he likes to do. To quickly express ideas in the form of a drawing. Sometimes he elaborate and makes illustrations or comics, but it all starts with a doodle, and for him it has to be good enough on it’s own. All else is just eye candy.

He also has a strong passion for the outdoors, and he divides his time in sitting in front of the computer or the campfire, either enjoying himself or teaching others about the outdoors. It has a major influence in keeping him socially acceptable insane.

You might want to check Escola do Mato.

2 thoughts on “Authors

  1. I am engineering student and have started doing my project in R.

    Seeking for help to carry out it successfully.

    Do you reply for normal mails? If yes, please revert back 🙂


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