Jamie Madigan and the Psychology of Video Games


I need sometime to prepare some goodies for the blog so for the next couple of months I’ll be writing about topics and people that orbit around games and analytics. Don’t worry I’ll return to the techy part later but what I’ve planned takes a bit of work.

In the meantime I want to start with a very special podcast and its creator. Continue reading

Top 3 talks at Game Dev Camp 2015


If I counted correctly (and a case can be made that I’m not that good with numbers), there were 30 talks in the Game Dev Camp 2015 not counting the opening keynote. This is my top 3 of those talks plus a couple of honourable mentions. Obviously my list is biased towards production, business and analytics. I’m sure there are some fine art and development talks there but I can’t really give a intellectually honest opinion in areas where I don’t feel I have something to add. There is a surprising number of design ones on my top 3, reason being… they are quite analytical behind the curtain. Not that it is obvious during the talk itself, but from my own experience, that is the kind of stuff analysts help quite a lot.

Without further ado… my top 3! Continue reading