Several people asked me what podcasts I hear. This will be a difficult to maintain list I have to say. Many podcasts come and go and I add and remove podcasts frequently. But I’ll do my best.

Searching the names of the podcasts should give you the podcast I mention as a top result.

Without further ado, by category and in alphabetical order…

Data Science and Machine Learning Podcasts

These are the technical podcasts. The ones I feel I always learn something when I hear them. They are food for work. Nuggets of knowledge that stay in the back of my brain, lurking an opportunity to be used.

Data Skeptic is a very interesting podcast. On some episodes the author explains his non-techy wife data concepts in a way any lay person can understand. Other episodes are in depth discussions with other data professionals about very diverse topics.

Learning Machines 101 is probably the most in depth technical machine learning podcast of the list. So much so it goes a bit into AI at times. I’m not a machine learning researcher, just a user of the fantastic algorithms these extraordinary minds produce. This podcast is the opportunity to understand intuitions and a small window to their brains. Heavy stuff here though, you have been warned.

Linear Digressions is a very nice podcast. Top quality content directly from Udacity, this is a professionally produced podcast. Great content, production values and structure.

The only reason I keep the O’Reilly Data Show podcast on my feed is because the probability of a good and enlightening interview is high. Other than that I actually don’t like it. Too much I’m a friend of “who’s who” in the industry and interrupting the guests with this kind of irrelevant networking nonsense. The guests though… awesome!

Partially Derivative is a podcast about data of… stuff. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the apparent loose definition. It is a technical podcast! Each episode focuses on the data of a particular domain, how it is acquired, wrangled and modelled. I like this podcast because it puts me thinking outside of my own domain. It’s sort of an automatic self inflicted out of the box experience. Not updated since September 2015.

Talking Machines is a bit like Learning Machines 101. A deeper more technical view into machine learning so much so it touches AI at times. The difference is that I find Talking Machines more professionally delivered.

Research Podcasts

Psychology, video games, economics and the mix of these are things that interest me quite a lot, both personally and professionally. These podcasts are related with research in one or more of these areas.

Arming the Donkeys is only available on iTunesU as far as I know. It is a podcast from Dan Ariely, one of the most popular behaviour economics’ authors. Dan interviews other researchers about their work, discussing their papers and findings. Unfortunately it is rarely updated.

I’m not sure if Hidden Brain is about psychology or human behaviour. Whatever it is, it is based on research, professionally produced and very interesting.

The Psychology of Video Games Podcast is an outstanding and unique podcast. It is, as far as I know, the only podcast about this theme and brings the research in the field to a wider audience. Great topics, fantastic guests and a wealth of information.

Miscellaneous Podcasts

These are the podcasts that entertain and inform. Given the long driving hours I rarely have the opportunity to read so these are my brain teasers. Shouldn’t be a surprise that they have a scientific background.

Getting Things Done is a methodology for personal time management. The podcasts serves mostly as a marketing tool for the products but since I’m a GTDer for many years I always find entertaining to hear other people’s experiences.

Freakonomics Radio is the podcast version of Freakonomics. I’m a big fan of Stephen and Steven work and this is probably my favourite podcast for years.

I considered not adding Not So Standard Deviations to the list. Reason being the content is not the thing that makes me listen to it but Roger Peng, one of the hosts whose work in Cousera’s Data Science Specialisation I respect.

Programming Throwdown is about programming. While I started to listen to it because one of the hosts is a data scientist, what got me hooked was that I could hear about tools, concepts, languages and programming in general terms.

Stuff You Should Know is a podcast about exactly that. I love to learn about new unexpected things and that’s what this podcast brings. A (not so) random topic and all the hosts can find about it. Extremely entertaining and amazingly presented.

Portuguese Podcasts

Special mention to the Portuguese podcasts I listen to that while not interesting in the context of this blog are awesome and delightfully funny!

  • Governo Sombra
  • Jogo Jogado
  • Mixórdia de Temáticas
  • O Homem Que Mordeu o Cão
  • Tubo de Ensaio