Game Analytics and Business Intelligence 2016



Quick note today to announce the Game Analytics and Business Intelligence 2016! Or the more cute name: GABI. In case you don’t know what this is about, GABI is a conference in London about… erm… game analytics and business intelligence… in… well… video games! Not too big, not too small, a lot of time to get to know people and exchange experiences and ideas, a really cool conference.

It is the third year the event is going to take place and one of the things I find more interesting about it is how we are able to observe the growth of analytics in video games. I’ve not missed one so far and I certainly won’t miss this. It would be kinda bad to skip it this year since… suspense… I’ll be a speaker this year! And further representing Miniclip, the one and only Paul Bugryniec, Head of BI and the guy that has the distinct pleasure of being my line manager will also speak.

One of things I find most interesting this year is the diversity of speakers. GABI will have video game companies from AAA to mobile but also from outside the industry like Spotify.

And if you want to find out more, check the website!