Swrve review


This post is part of a series of posts about analytics platforms that I would use and recommend using for game analytics. None of these posts were asked for or sponsored by any of the companies that own the platforms. My knowledge of the platforms comes from demos they made by my request or hands on experience working with them. My objective is to state what each platform offers and what makes it unique so that it helps game developers in the process of picking a platform if they choose to do so.

My first memory of Swrve is a beautiful dashboard. Probably the most concise and useful entry dashboard that I’ve seen to this day. The dashboard still exists but now looks more modern as all the platform does when I compare to what I saw some years ago.

Yep, I feel a bit nostalgic when I speak about Swrve, mostly because of that dashboard. But the nostalgia and the modern platform says quite a bit about the company. Swrve has been around for some time and a leader in the mobile analytics arena but like the market it serves, it never stopped adapting.

Swrve’s value when I first heard of it was high level metrics, a messaging system and on top of it an A/B testing system. This offer is still very relevant but some new things were added.

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