Presenting On Games n’ Data

When someone asks me what I do for a living, I almost always answer “I make games, mobile games.” I am a Game Developer first and foremost. That is my social answer. It is easy to understand and people relate to it. Formally I am a Game Analyst, more specifically I am Miniclip’s Game Analytics Lead. I’m proud of both forms, I admit. I am both.

I write this blog as a decades old video game player and game developer but also as a game analyst. I’ll write about what I look at in data but also when, why and how I look at it. I’ll write about the games that I play and love. I’ll write about statistics, data science, stuff that I (over) think about, books I read, team management and of course, the occasional rant… after all, what’s a blog without some ranting?

To give me a hand, I asked my longtime friend Pedro Alves to help me out. All the brilliant illustrations in this blog are his.

To know a little bit more about us and the rationale behind the blog check the About and Authors pages.

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