So… holidays!


I’m on holidays! And Pedro is too! I’m camping (sort of…) near the beach and Pedro is… well… he is a bushcraft master so he is probably hunting his next meal somewhere in the wilderness with nothing but a pebble and his wits.

Although I’ve been a boy scout and I was in the military for a short time, I’ll always be a city guy and like any other lame city guy my countryside vacations is defined by a 4G connection, my faithful laptop and a hammock. That’s how I’m writing this.

So what is going on?

  • I’m doing some work on a lifetime value predictive data product. Although I won’t share the inner and deeper secrets I will post about more technical aspects of machine learning and data science.
  • I’m studying machine learning in Python. This is something I’ve looking forward for a long time since I mostly work in R but I just LOVE Python! I’ll publish the repo with the code and review the book I’m reading because it is awesome!
  • Writing new and exciting post for the blog. I wouldn’t forget you, would I?

So see you all in some weeks. We will be out resting and coding and drawing and writing.

p.s.: Little secret only between the two of us. The boy scouts… that’s where I met Pedro!

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