If the world were 100 people

I usually have a backlog of posts, more or less ready to publish. Looking at those posts, it seems that I’m taking a path of social awareness. It was not premeditated, it just happened… it is also not something that I’ll actively pursue but I’m also not inclined to avoid it.

This was the last post of this sort I started writing but the one that I finished first and it is a nice way to kick off these posts with the power of visualisation.

Data visualisation is a very powerful tool. It allows to take something that is too big and cumbersome to understand and transforms it into immediate easy to consume knowledge. Data visualisation is delicious data fast food yet and, unlike the culinary analogy, not a paradox at all.

And if we add a bit of drama, if put it up a notch in terms of presentation and, dare I say drama, visualisation becomes a powerful tool because our brains tend to retain memories when coupled with emotions.

This week’s beautiful visualisation is a great example in terms of presentation. But if you want to feel the drama… put yourself in it! Visualise where you are. If we were 100 people, which one are YOU? How big or small will you feel?

Without further delay, two and a half minutes of beautiful visualisation.

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