Is it a year already?

OGND 024

Yep… On Games N’ Data, this crazy little niche blog that I have the pleasure to share with Pedro and you all published its first page one year ago. In case you like cozy feelings or you didn’t read the first post back then, here’s the link.

And what is the proper way to celebrate? With data!

This is the 52nd post. The average number of words per post is roughly 500. But who likes aggregations? Let’s get crazy and draw conclusions from insufficient data, shall we? For instance what were the top 3 most viewed posts?

ognd 0033rd place: Retention 101

I have to say that I’m very happy that this post hit the podium. Retention is vital. It is the number 1 thing to look at. It says so much, so quickly and it is so easy to interpret, although very hard to infer causal relationships.

The fact that the most important post about retention is here says quite a lot about you, the people that read this blog. Well… it doesn’t! But using scientific trademark language “it suggests” that you worry and read the right things!

ognd 0092nd place: The Holy Trinity of Monetisation

Although I’m not really sure what people searched to find this particular post, it is very interesting that this, and not Monetisation 101 or other simpler posts, is in number 2. I understand that monetisation is important but I’m a bit surprised that this particular post and not other on the same subject is here.

Maybe it is because it presents the formulas and people are searching for them.

There are two things that I love about this post. The first is that it was the first time I brought a tad more complex mindset in terms of using analytics by evaluating multiple KPIs instead of one high level one. The second is the awesome artwork by Pedro. I wonder if anyone noticed that the formulas are in the art? It’s mind blowing how he was able to tell the whole story in one graphic.

so_you_want_to_have_suga_660w1st place: So you want to have game analytics, huh?

And the top place goes to the post that started the Setting Up Game Analytics.

I was expecting this.  The blog content was designed to get to this specific post. Going through the player lifecycle up to setting up the game analytics stack. Other content popped up in the meantime but this was the objective: to help developers getting their analytics in place. This was what I didn’t have when I started and it was what I wanted to offer.

From the feedback I received I can only conclude that the people that visit this blog find it at least useful, at best also entertaining. When I discussed it with Pedro, we agreed that we didn’t want something big, we wanted something truthful and unique. I’m personally very happy with this year of blogging, hope all of you (that’s a bit north of five thousand by the way) agree with me.

I would say we should give it at least one more year. Thank you for reading, see you next week!

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