Life at Miniclip


I was raised by my grandmother. A couple of weeks ago I was telling her about my work and the place where I work… which is not exactly a secret that it is Miniclip. “Do they pay your social security?” – she asked. I smilled and nodded.

For people of my grandmother’s generation (she’s over 80 by the way), the name Miniclip doesn’t say much. To her I do video games and games are kid’s things. She worries about job security and that I don’t have a “real job” like the “nice work in the computers company” I once had.

Other people, my age and below, know Miniclip. All of them play or played video games. What is difficult for them is to understand how can work be fun. How can the workplace be relaxed.

Here’s a job advertising promo video with images captured at Miniclip Portugal, where I work.

Wondering why I’m showing all this? Well Miniclip is growing fast and we have a bunch of job positions to be filled. Here’s what we have right now for Portugal:

But there’s more! If you live in UK, there are job openings for our London office and if you live in Italy, there are job openings in our Genoa office.


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