So I bought a new (virtual) car… or why Real Racing 3 is so awesome.


Today’s post was going to be different. Initially it was going to be about rednecks. Then (and because I’m severely delayed with blog posts) I decide to write about Witcher 3, which I will by the way.

But then something awesome happened. And that something was an awesome Shelby ’66 Cobra 427. The one in the photo. So I bought a new (virtual) car… what’s the fuss about it? 

Real Racing 3 is a game developed by Fire Monkeys and published by Electronic Arts. It is a mobile game with a number of interesting social features. If you don’t know it, install it and give it a try, it’s free to download.

I could do what everyone else did with Real Racing 3, dissect its features, the pros and cons of the “sort of multiplayer” and the new “in fact multiplayer” features. But to be honest, I would just be repeating what others have already said. Instead of that I want to go through a number of things that I wrote about some weeks ago regarding the freemium model being a good thing.

I would never buy Real Racing 3

This is the first major point. I could have seen the graphics and videos of the gameplay. I could have read articles and reviews. I could even have said that Real Racing 3 looks like a fantastic game… but I would not buy it. Like ever!

Not because it’s not good! It’s awesome! But I would never buy a racing game on any platform. It’s just not my thing. I think I owed a couple of Need for Speed games and I have a distant memory of a Forza game someone lend me.

But buying a racing game… on mobile? Nah! Not happening!

I’ve played it for 26 hours

Checking my profile informs me that I have 26 hours and something of game play for a total progress of 4%.

I’ll let that sink in… 4%… 26 hours…

I’m not exactly sure what is the current standard in terms of hours of entertainment. I know I played Fallout 4 for about 40 hours to finish it, Dragon Age Inquisition for roughly 120 hours, finishing it twice and I’m not sure how many hours I’ve put into Witcher 3 let’s say 100 hours.

I’ve spent $9.99 on Real Racing 3 and $79 on Fallout 4. Don’t recall the cost of Dragon Age but it was on some PS4 promotion, let’s assume $29.

  • Real Racing 3 – $9.99 for 26 hours = $0.38/hour
  • Dragon Age Inquisition – $29 for 120 hours = $0.24/hour
  • Fallout 4 – $79 for 40 hours = $1.975/hour

And just for the fun of it…

  • Deadpool (it’s awesome go see it!) – $4.47 for 1.8 hours = $2.48/hour

What does this mean?

We can’t really put a dollar value on quality because it is a subjective matter. But we can put it on quantity of entertainment offered. Where I currently stand, Real Racing 3 is equivalent to Dragon Age Inquisition on a scale of cost per hour of entertainment with the caveat that I can keep playing it. If we take into consideration that I’ve played 4% of all content, then we can extrapolate for a minimum total entertainment time of 650 hours. For that amount of time I could spend a total of $156 and Real Racing 3 would be competing with Dragon Age Inquisition… and that is something!

But if it’s free, why did I make the purchase?

I opened a new tier to compete on and bought car to compete in that tier. That car was purchased with soft currency that I had earned from playing the game, no monetary cost. There are two cars in that tier that can only be bought with premium currency, one of them was the Shelby… I avoided them. Then, when I was about to race in that tier for the first time, the pack appears, with one of the cars… the Shelby.

We can go into the never ending debate of the game targeting that specific timing to offer me the pack with the car and some extra goodies. We can extend that debate to the boring argument that mobile games aren’t comparable with console games.

Yep… we can do all that. But why would we? I would I? The reason why I bought that pack was because the car was cool and I like the game. That’s it! I like it so much and the car is so cool that when I raced it the first time I took a picture and wrote this post.

I bought the car because the game is awesome!

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