Game Analytics & Business Intelligence Forum Day 1


So… two posts in less than 24 hours, huh?… Must be something big.

Game Analytics & Business Intelligence Forum (or GABI15) started today in London. The first edition held last year marked a turning point in what we thought collectively of game analytics at Miniclip. We went from having an objective and some ideas to a validated model of what we wanted to achieve and what we would do to achieve it.

That nails what we saw last year. A lot of best practices around what is to build a BI and/or game analytics team.

regression_tube_adAs I walked into the subway station I saw this ad for an upcoming movie. The title is a funny pun considering where I was going. But I expected no regression to be fit to be honest. While I was expecting some degree of technical insight, both from statistical and technological perspectives, my expectations was that participants and speakers were a step ahead of last year. My hypothesis was that if we had done so much at Miniclip, it is fair to assume that others did too.

From the opening keynote, I was not disappointed. The participants, speakers, talks and roundtables were more sophisticated, more business oriented and a lot more community oriented. In my opinion, if there’s one thing I’d like to help sort out is the lack of community sense and that was addressed immediately in the keynote and echoed throughout the day, over talks, coffee breaks and roundtables.

Day 1 Highlights

The keynote address by Arthur Von Eschen (Activision) was a fantastic kick off. As I mentioned it set the tone. I felt I gained new insights and perspectives from the from Julian Runge (Wooga) about measuring and understanding word of mouth marketing and it’s impact across different titles and Volodymyr Kazantsev (Product Madness) about player segmentation.

The roundtable I participated was about selling analytics internally and it was a great discussion. A lot of ideas on how to spread the analytics across the organisation.

Let’s not forget… networking!

Events like GABI offer a great opportunity to discuss and meet other people. And it’s not just the great insights that open discussion allow… it’s the subtle things. When you say you did something successfully and someone makes a weird face and says “yeah but did you check X?”… and you didn’t check X. Or when you say you are having this issue and someone says “Man that’s awful! It happened to me too and I solved with Y”. Those are the moments that take us to where we evolve, that fantastic place called “out of the box”.

And the networking is really fantastic… (says the guy that didn’t go to the pub cough cough)

Analysts, leads, directors, developers, scientists and engineers.

Product oriented, tech oriented, math oriented.

Jagex, GramGames, Disney Interactive, Innogames, Wooga, Ubisoft, Activision, Sony and many others including…


miniclipers_at_gabi the_most_branded_man_in_the_conference

I wasn’t alone in this. Paul and Jonathan were there too! Tomorrow I’ll wear a different shirt but I’ll do my best to be the most branded man in the room… again… I’m guessing Bike Rivals tomorrow, yes? See you all tomorrow!

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